TerraStreamer® Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Terminals

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TerraStreamer ESEs utilize advanced streamer generating design elements to provide lightning protection to facilities that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to protect by conventional means. TerraStreamer ESE lightning terminals are externally mounted, proactive, structural lightning protection devices and are designed to activate in the moments directly preceding an imminent direct strike. The installation of TerraStreamer ESE terminals combine the best advantages of two systems: the direct path to ground of a conventional lightning protection system and state-of-the-art ESE technology employed in the TerraStreamers’ design.


  • All figures derived from independent testing as per NF C 17-102 specifications under strict laboratory conditions.
Triggering Time Test Results
Model Advance Time Gain in Lead Distance
TSP-20 22 μs 22 m
TSP-30 32 μs 32 m
TSP-40 44 μs 44 m
TSP-50 55 μs 55 m
TSP-60 61 μs 61 m

Triggering Time Test Results

The triggering time ΔT (μs) is defined as the gain at the sparkover instant obtained with a TerraStreamer® ESE terminal compared with a simple rod terminal exposed to the same conditions. According to NF C 17-102: The triggering time instance gain ΔT is associated with a triggering time distance gain ΔL. ΔL = V Å~ ΔT where:

  • ΔL (m): gain in lead distance of the sparkover distance.
  • V (m/μs): the average speed of the downward tracer (1 m/μs).
  • ΔT (μs) : gain in sparkover time of the upward leader.

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