TerraStat® TS400 Dissipation Terminals

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* Bases and mounting hardware sold seperately


Using the same features as the TerraStat® TS100, the TerraStat® TS400 provides a higher level of charge dissipation. It utilizes four stainless steel dissipation brushes attached to a single elevation conductor made of aluminum or stainless steel for higher dissipation on a single mount. The TerraStat® TS400 is ideally suited for protecting high mast light poles, security cameras, SCADA antenna systems, and smaller monopoles and towers used for communications.


  • All threads are machined to 1/2 – 13 UNC x .75” standard, otherwise add suffix THDX, where X is the nonstandard length in decimal inches.
  • Other diameters and lengths are available upon request.

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