Weld Metal

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All TerraWeld® weld metals are meticulously packaged in individual, state-of-the-art moisture proof foil packs. The starting material is in a separate container within each foil pack. This eliminates weld metal loss due to spoilage and no-start situations. The water proof foil packs increase shelf life and make for easier transportation. Each box of TerraWeld® contains either 10 or 20 foil packs depending on the size of the Weld metal.

Most connections involving copper wires, bars, pipes and/or grounding rods will use Type T Weld Metal.

 Features & Benefits

Use: Permanent molecular bonding weld for electrical connections, primarily for below-grade and secondarily for non-mechanically stressed above-grade attachment.
Application: Copper, copper clad steel, steel and related metals in stranded and solid wire, bar, pipe and plate form, horizontal or vertical attachment.
Conformance: IEEE 837, R56 and related standards and recommended practices referencing permanent electrical grounding, bonding and lightning protection connections.
Weld Metal Packaging: Individual sealed foil pack, approximately 5 3/8" x 4 3/4", moisture resistant, gram weight (size) stamped, notched for easy-tear opening.
Starting Powder Packaging: Individual vial, contained within foil weld metal pack.
Outer Packaging: Cardboard box, multiple foil packs - 10 or 20 count based on weld metal weight, and poly bag with metal disks. 
Storage: Room ambient, protected, for maximum shelf life averaging 2 years.