• Aug 30th 2022

    It's a Bird; It's a Plane!

    And, yes, a plane can be struck by lightning!With thousands of aircraft traveling over the United States alone at any given time, it would figure that they get struck by lightning wouldn’t it? Well, t…

    Published by Kelly Buza

  • Minimizing Materials & Costs with Exothermic Welding

    Jul 13th 2022

    Minimizing Materials & Costs with Exothermic Welding

    Often in grounding grids, it is common to see main grounding conductors sized at 250 mcm or larger. When wire sizes are at this level or larger, it may become difficult and expensive to make proper co…

    Published by Alltec

  • August 1st Price Increase

    Jul 6th 2021

    August 1st Price Increase

    To our Valued Alltec Customers,Unfortunately, 2021 has brought us significant cost inflation on most commodities including copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition, we have seen a large inc…

    Published by Kelly Buza

  • Not Just a Franklin Rod

    Mar 18th 2021

    Not Just a Franklin Rod

    Finding the right lightning protection systemSo, you need a lightning protection system. It should be simple; you go online and place an order for…. wait a minute… Why are there so many choices?&…

    Published by Kelly Buza