TerraFill Enhanced Composite Backfill

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Features & Benefits

  • Effective: results in a typical resistivity of less than 160 Ohm-cm
  • Dependable: maintains stable resistance for the life of the ground system
  • Performance: does not dissolve, decompose or leak away
  • Flexible: can be installed using Trench (Horizontal) or Ground Rod (Vertical) Backfill methods
  • Secure: excellent solution for prevention of copper theft
  • Simple: easily installed in a slurry form
  • Environmentally Friendly: meets EPA requirements for landfill
  • Functional: performs in all soil conditions, even during dry periods
  • Handy: provided in convenient 50 lb. (22.68 kg) Bags
  • Useful: aids in small footprint grounding system implementations and other special applications


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