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LS-E120HWCP20CB Surge Protection Device Type 2 & Type 3 SPD
120 Volt 15/20 Amp In-Line Series Hardwire Branch Circuit Protector

The Lectra Shield LS-E120HWCP20CB is an in-line series single phase 120 Volt multi-layered thermally fused hybrid design industrial strength surge protector with a 20 amp circuit breaker and an indicator light (LED) which also conforms with IEEE C62.94 Cat. B3/C1 testing 6000V@3000 amps impulse. This product is designed to automatically reset after dissipating surges within ratings.

This is the Ultimate SPD that not only protectors against over voltage but also against over current. Plus if this device is installed with the line & loads reversed or is connected to a circuit that has reverse polarity it’s LED with not come on nor will this SPD pass power. And if this SPD self-sacrifices it’s LED goes out and it will no longer pass power!

Safety tested; ETL listed conforms to ANSI/UL Standard 1449 4th Edition. This unit complies with NEC code Art.285.24, and NEC code Art. 285.25 for the proper edification and definition of an accepted surge suppressor and the application of the unit for all UL and ETL listed equipment.

Warranty Information

The SPD manufacturer shall warrant the entire system against defective materials and workmanship for five years following delivery from the manufacturer. This warranty is in effect as long as the unit is installed in compliance with the manufacturer's owner's/operator's and installation manual, UL listing requirements, and any applicable national or local electrical codes.