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Alltec’s AD1-M50-180 is a heavy duty AC Surge Protection Device (SPD) tested to UL 1449 3rd Edition.
The SPD offers convenient DIN rail mounted base with replaceable suppression protection modules. Designed to meet IEC 61643-11 Class II requirements to protect at lightning protection zone 0b-1 boundary. The SPD employs fast acting high energy dissipating metal oxide varistors (MOV) in their suppression circuits to deliver high capacity equipotential bonding contingencies for lightning induced surge current. It employs a “thermalreactive operational status supervisor” to monitor
its operation and provide a means for it to safely disconnect from its power source should it be subjected
to a temporary overvoltage (TOV) event.

The AD1-M50-180 product is intended for use on TNC grounded electrical distributions. It can also be utilized to protect TNS and TT grounded services when augmented with a AD1-G50 Series based suppressor module to provide equipotential bonding between the Neutral and Ground (N-PE).

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Download datasheet here.